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How to Shop at Malik Stores Online?

1: Selecting Products

The menu on the left of the screen will help you to find groups of products that interest you.
They are organised into categories and some products are in more than one category to help you in your search.

You can also use the " search box " on the side of the screen.

When you find the product you can click on the image - or the words read more... to see the full details of the product and any additional infoprmation that may be useful to you.

2: Ordering a product.

Simply click on " add to basket add to basket " and the product will be recorder ready for when you want to to to the check out and pay.

When you have selected all the product you need it is time to check out.

3: Checkout

If you click " view basket " you can check that the order is what you want - or amend it.
If you click " go to checkout " you will start the buying process.

You will have the option to just place the order : " checkout without creating an account " or
to open an account first. If you open an account you will be eligible for free Loyalty Bonus Points and other customer benefits from time to time.

If you are an existing customer you just sign in.

Next, you will find your order on screen with a form to complete so that we will know who you are and where to deliver your goods.
You will also need to select the way you want to pay. This can be with a PayPal account or by using your credit or debit card.

Then you will follow the instructions to make the payment - and [IMPORTANT] after paying there will be one more screen where you need to click " continue " just one more time.