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What are Loyalty Bonus Points?

Loyalty Bonus Points

If you are registered customer, you will automatically receive Loyalty Bonus Points on your purchases.
Different products will earn you different amounts of points a few food products do not earn Bonus Points.

Each time you buy,   the points are added to your account and the number of points can grow over time.

At any time you can use your points to get free product when you next order.

Saving for a special moment.

You may wish to keep saving your Loyalty Bonus Points for a special occasion - for Christmas, a birthday or a gift for a friend.

If your order is cancelled

You do need to know that if the order that added points to your account is cancelled* then those points will, of course, be deducted.

* whether because you decide not to take deliver or because we are out of stock

Special Points

From time-to-time we have special offers of extra bonus points - watch our e-mails and notices in the store for how to get extra free points!

How do I know how many points I have?

When you go to checkout you will see a message with your total points.

Otherwise you can contact us and we will mail back your points total.

We hope soon to make it easy for you to see these in your own account page

How do I use my points?

There are TWO ways to redeem your points:


When you checkout, if you have enough points, you will be offered the possibility to pay for some or all your goods with your points.

For example:

Checkout with Loyalty Bonus Points

In this example there are 408 points in the customer's account.
The shop check out is showing how she could use those points to have some of the products free.

You could check every product - in this order that would mean three free products.

Or you can just choose one [or two] :
Select one free product
and leave the rest of the points for another time perhaps to save for something special.

You never lose the points that you do not spend on that order!


You may want a simpler way - or you may want Gift Vouchers.

Decide what products you wish to buy with your points.

When you go to checkout you will see a message telling how many points you have. Such as
Loyalty Bonus Points in Check Out

Go to the box on the order Bonus Points Redemption and enter what you want using some or all the points you have.

Ask for free product with Loyalty Bonus Points

If the points value of the product is less points than your total we will keep the balance for you until your next order.


NOTE: On product details pages ( you see the page when you click read more... on a product ) you will see how many points you need to have in order to to get it free - it is shown as "Points Price: ... " under the price for the product.