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How do I use my Gift Voucher?

Using Gift Vouchers

A Gift Voucher is a card with a voucher number and an amount to spend in Malik Stores Online.

Your friend or relative may buy you a Gift Voucher and send it to you.
They may e-mail or telephone the Gift Voucher reference number to you.

All you actually need is the Gift Voucher reference.

You can use you voucher all in one go . . . or use it over several orders.

When I have finished buying how do I use the Gift Voucher to pay?

Go to your basket.

Click " your basket " on the top menu or "  view basket " in the right column

enter your Gift Voucher number in this box - and click APPLY

Coupon / Voucher:
NOTE: If you have a coupon
Add the coupon code and click apply before going to checkout

Now you can click go to checkout and pay.

The value of your Gift Voucher is deducted from the order total.

If order is more than the amount on the Gift Voucher?

you will just pay the extra with either a PayPal account or your credit/debit card.

If my Gift Voucher is for more than my order

When you check out your goods will be at no charge . . .
the extra amount on your Gift Voucher will be kept on your account to use again next time!

You can carry forward unused amounts on your Gift Voucher
as many times as it takes to use up the voucher.


If there happens to be a problem with the payment for the Gift Voucher after it has been sent,
the Gift Voucher will be suspended [and cannot then be used] until the problem is resolved