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Keeping Secure with Malik Stores Online

Keeping Secure with Malik Stores Online

Your security and care of your information is very important

What do we to to take care of your security in our store?


1: Recording details

essential information. We only take from you details that are essential for the business.

For example, your telephone number means that we can call you when there is a query with your order.
This is one way we have gained our reputation for great service.

Any information that is not essential for us is left to your discretion but all details are protected very carefully.


2: What is the "validation code" when I register?

We also have to protect ourselves against rogues.

Like you we may also be attacked.

Some people use special programs to attack registration forms
but they cannot read the special verification code -
only a human like you can do that.


3: Where are my details kept?

Our database is managed in London by one of the top service providers with a reputation for strict security.
Never is this information passed to anyone else and never is it stored on discs or laptops that can be stolen.

The information is protected behind firewalls with password security.

Apart from the company holding the data for us only two other people know how to get the data
and they are the partners in Malik Online
no other staff in our shop knows how to see the information.


4: Is there a problem with the e-mails you send me?

We send you confirmation e-mails to commnicate the status and progress on your order.

The only information included is either very easily obtainable (such as the electoral roll) plus the order number.

None of this is enough for a rogue to use for criminal reasons or identity theft.

And it also cannot be used to access your perconal registration details - so long as you keep you password safe.


5: How safe is payment?

We decided that handling payment ourselves would not be a good idea. We worry about on-line shops handling credit card details.

PayPal handles all our payments - not just PayPal accounts.

it may appear that your credit card is managed in Malik Stores but it is actually a PayPal Pro process
using our pages and this makes the paying faster and easier.

This also means that we are never given your credit card security code - the three digits on the back.

So not even we could use your card details to buy anything.


6: What about refunds when you are out of stock?

If we are out of stock we tell you , ask if you want a substitute, and if not we refund your payment immediately.

You extra security is to tell PayPal if we do not refund as promised and they then chase us and can even
remove your payment from our account and make the refund themselves.

We want you to know that you are protected at all times.


7: Why do we query delivery to a different address?

On neat trick of the rogue is to order with card details they have stolen from you and get delivery to a different address.

Now, it may be you wish do deliver to a friend or relative - but we cannot be sure.

This is not usually a problem when delivered to your work address as the company can only take delivery if you actually work there.

But private addresses are a different matter.

So, for your security, please do not be surprised if we call you to confirm the delivery address.