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Women in the African Diaspora  5.00

The Afro European Sisters Network (AESN) and Black Women in Europe(BWIE) have teamed up to launch an internet space for Women in the African Diaspora around the Globe. 

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Minority Perspective  Rate it

Minority Perspective
Minority Perspective is an internet based news service for black and minority ethnic communities in the Midlands.
This is a unique self publishing news service that allows any member of the community to write an article and have it published on this website.
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Brown Girls Friendship  Rate it


Dating & Friendship for British ethnic women

You're Beautiful Woman  Rate it

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You're Beautiful, Woman! is an annual event celebrating black female beauty inside and out.

Its aims are to motivate and inspire women to recognise their own self-worth in every avenue of their lives.

We do this through a detailed programme of seminars and workshops, beauty demonstrations and stalls selling everything you will need to feel fantastic.