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Red Fox TUB O' Butter Cocoa Butter Moisturising Cream 298 grams

Red Fox TUB O' Butter Cocoa Butter Moisturising Lotion
Price: 2.96
Points Price: 1,235.0


Tub O' Butter® - special moisturizing CREME contains real Cocoa Butter in a SUPER RICH formula that is ideal for all types of skin applications.

Perfect Complexion Creme - Helps relieve tightness and dryness by moisturizing.
Helps protect against wrinkling and lines.
Pregnancy (During & After) - Helps keep skin supple when massaged into abdomen, breasts, hips and thighs that are stretched during pregnancy.
Dry Skin Ash - Use generously to prevent unsightly powdery ash and flaking.
Sports - (Winter & Summer) - Helps relieve chapping, soreness and roughness caused by windburn and sunburn.



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Positive Customer Review
Marvellous Stuff
I have very dry skin due to a thyroid condition. especially on my feet.
I slather this cream on my feet, put on my socks and a couple of hours or so later, my feet are super soft, all hard skin areas gone!
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