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TRS Curry Leaves 20 grams

TRS Curry Leaves
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TRS Curry Leaves 20 grams

- highly aromatic leaves, used mainly in Southern Indian cooking.
An essential ingredient of curry powder, green chutneys and marinade pastes.
Use generously, doubling the quantity in those recipes that require fresh curry leaves.

NOTE: Curry leaves come from a plant of Indian origin Murraya Koenigii and are widely used in Indian cooking thanks to their pronounced curry-like flavour. They should not be confused with the Indian spice mixes or masalas called "curries" in the West. An essential ingredient for green chutneys.


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Positive Customer Review
Good substitute for fresh curry leaves
If you can't get fresh curry leaves these make a good alternative - only thing is because leaves are naturally very small they do tend to break up a lot in drying/packing process - so I just use a pinch instead.
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