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Grace Chips 85 Grams

Grace Chips
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Grace Chips 85 Grams
Three Flavours:
Green Banana : Plantain : Sweet Plantain

Fried Green Banana Chips, salted
In countries where bananas are cultivated they are usually used in both their green unripe form as well as a sweet mature yellow fruit.
One popular use for the green bananas is as a fried chip, enjoyed as a tasty snack throughout the caribbean.

Plantain Chips
In tropical countries where plantains are cultivated they find many diverse uses.
When still green they are treated like a vegetable and may be fried to form chips.
Sweet Plantain Chips - whilst the ripe plantain is eaten fresh fruit, it may also be fried to form chips.
They are both a popular tasty snack throughout the caribbean.


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