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Astral All Over Moisturiser200ml

Astral All Over Moisturiser
Price: 7.63
Points Price: 3,180.0


Astral All Over Moisturiser

All in one pot.

Astral cream is the ideal all-over intensive moisturiser for dry and mature skin.

Why Astral works for mature skin.

Astral doesn’t contain any ‘miracle’ ingredients - whatever they are. The label doesn’t make any exotic claims. And the formula hasn’t ever needed to change. Because the truth is, Astral really does work without these things.

The rich, protective formulation of Astral cream is the same simple but very effective one it’s always been, with the same main ingredients:

Lanolin is a rich natural moisturiser which binds water to itself, locking moisture in while still allowing the skin to breathe. It’s naturally hypoallergenic and easily absorbed.

Glycerine attracts water into the epidermis, increasing its moisture content. It’s thought of as having a Natural Moisturising Factor for smoother-looking skin.

Together, these renowned moisturisers give mature and very dry skin the nourishment it needs and help protect it by keeping essential moisture in. You can feel it working hours after you’ve applied it.



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Positive Customer Review
Best product I have used for some time
This is the best product i have used for some time.
It soaks in very nicely, it's easy to spread it on your whole body.

My skin doesn't get grey. I do not have to use a big amount it is very econommic.
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