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O'Tentika Skin Tone Formula For Normal Skin 300ml

OTentika Skin Tone Formula For Normal Skin
  • Smoothes complexion Refreshes and brightens.
  • Lima complex.
  • Exclusive formula.
  • Hydroquinone free.
Price: 12.95
Points Price: 5,395.0


O'Tentika Skin Tone Formula uses a mixture of natural ingredients including vitamin C, licorice extract and mulberry root extract to prevent blotchiness and blemishes. The lotion absorbs easily into your skin without greasiness. Premium natural ingredients ensure healthy skin.

Creates a more even and satiny tone. Helps to protect the skin and reduce minor surface skin imperfections. Rub in the milk and massage gently until absorbed.

Evens and brightens skin without oiliness or greasiness. Restores radiance to dull, ashy skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots and blemishes without aggravating the skin or causing future breakouts. It's perfect for use with spots, discolorations, blemishes, freckles and minor surface imperfections in those with normal-to-oily skin.

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