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Chief Kuchela 355g

Chief Kuchela 355g
  • A product of Trinidad & Tobago
  • Can be added directly to food for an enhanced spicy flavour.
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Mango Kuchela is another simple recipe of East Indian origin. It requires a little strength and some cooking. The star of the show this time is not the famous curry which we have all come to know, however, it is amchar masala, better known as black masala.

The masala has a different taste to curry but it is just as exciting. Just like Mango Chutney, Mango Kuchela could be used to spice up just about any food. Kuchela on ochro rice and pelau is a great dish to experience and in fact when you don't feel like eating pepper, try kuchela on any food and you will not be disappointed.

This Mango Kuchela lasts very long and even longer when refrigerated, just note: do not dip a dirty spoon into the Kuchela because foreign bodies will be introduced and this will cause the spoiling. This precaution goes for chutney and even homemade pepper sauce; that's why we pour the contents onto a spoon instead of dipping it in. Enjoy!

Can be added directly to food for an enhanced spicy flavour.


A product of Trinidad.

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