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First Lady Organics Skin Beautifying & Superior Lightening Soap 200g

  • Fast Actives Lemon
  • Apricot Kernels
  • Exfoliating
  • Face, Body and Hands
Price: 4.00
Points Price: 1,665.0


First Lady Organics Skin Beautifying and Superior Lightening Soap with Pure Rich Citron Oil is hundred percent vegetable base with arbutin formula. This First Lady Skin Beautifying & Superior Lightening Soap inhibits the progress of skin darkening and effectively reduces existing skin pigmentation. This First Lady Lemon Soap contains Arbutin which effectively lightens skin pigmentation, liver spots and freckles whilst maintaining a lighter complexion. The First Lady Lemon Soap is enriched with pure rich Citron oil, which is nature’s most potent skin lightening ingredient. Citron oil has antioxidant properties to protect your skin and has been added to this formulation to aid in the lightening, exfoliating and toning process.

Directions of use: Always build up a good lather. Use daily as a facial, hand & body bath soap. Use twice daily to lighten areas of discolored dull skin tone. If used in combination with First Lady Fast Actives Lemon Cream, Gel, Lotion or Serum amazing results can be obtained.

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