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Crazy Colour Hair Colour 100ml

Crazy Colour Hair Colour
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Renbow International Ltd
Crazy Colour Hair Colour 100ml

CRAZY COLOR will process at room temperature in 15 minutes. More resistant hair may benefit from placing a plastic cap on the hair and processing for 30 minutes. At no time - and for no reason - should peroxide be used with CRAZY COLOR. Do not use alkaline products with CRAZY COLOR and do not mix it with permanent hair coloring products. Alkalinity upsets the delicate balanced state that is essential to obtain the maximum pigmentation and conditioning effects of CRAZY COLOR.

The temporary nature of CRAZY COLOR depends upon the frequency of shampooing and the porosity of the hair. The more porous the hair, the most vibrant and longer-lasting the color will be.

CRAZY COLOR cream is a conditioning temporary color. It is not recommended for clients with more than 10% white hair. For exotic, vibrant colors, the hair must be bleached to the light yellow stage and crazy color cream applied exactly as it is supplied, without the addition of any other substances. CRAZY COLOR is an excellent medium for those who want to experience the mixing of primary, secondary and tertiary colors.


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