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Dalgetys Herbal Teabags

Dalgety Herbal Tea Teabags

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24 Teabags per carton
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Lemon & Ginger

Dalgety’s Lemon & Ginger blend brings and authentic flavor of two rich ingredients of the earths soil together. Each ingredient compliments the other for its nutritional and medicinal qualities. Lemon for its purifying and Ginger for its stimulating properties.

INGREDIENTS:Pure & Natural dried root ginger, Pure & Natural dried Lemon Peel, Orange Peel and Lemongrass No Artificial Additives or flavorings Naturally Caffeine Free! 100% Natural Product 

TASTE: Dalgety’s Lemon & Ginger blend is specially formulated for lovers of a stronger ginger taste. The tea is rich in Ginger with a twinkle Lemon kick-back. The major ingredients in this tea Ginger and Lemon have been specially selected and naturally dried using family ancestral techniques practiced over 100years, to ensure the maximum strength is obtained from the ingredients.

Some vivid consumers of Dalgety’s Lemon&Ginger have boosted of obtaining 2 to 3 cups of tea from one (1) teabag! It was also said more that once, that the strong smell of Dalgety teas take over the isle in the supermarket it’s in. 

Honey & Ginger

HONEY & GINGER have always been two of the most enjoyed natural ingredients of the universe. Dalgety has blended these two ingredients to create an awesome flavored herbal tea infusion which reminds you that life is worth living.

Pure & Natural Dried Ginger Dried Honey Crystals, Dried lemongrass, sucrose crystals, orange peel, lemon peel.

TASTE: Strong ginger taste with a moderate sweeten flavor of honey.

LemonGrass - FeverGrass

Dalgety’s refine Lemon Grass Tea, also known as Fever Grass, is a soothing and pleasant aromatic flavor beverage, which can be consumed at all times, inducing a feeling of calmness and comfort to the body. Traditional old folk lore tales of the Caribbean suggest Lemon/fevergrass to be a good beverage to be
consumed by persons showing an inclination of hay-fevers and common colds . 

INGREDIENTS: 100% Pure & Natural Dried Lemon/Fevergrass No artificial additives or flavorings Naturally caffeine free.

TASTE: Lemongrass/Fevergrass taste is not citrus lemon as the name might indicate but is similar to that of a natural dilute form of sugarcane juice with a tip of lemon.

NOTE: Lemon/Fevergrass could be considered one of the most soothing, smooth and quiet tasting herbal teas that just brings that relax feeling. It was once stated that some West Indians have drunk too much!!!!!!!! 


Dalgety’s Caribbean Peppermint is a refreshing herbal tea with a distinctive aroma and smooth tropical Peppermint flavor. Traditionally in the Caribbean, Peppermint Tea is drunk as a hot beverage after dinner to aid digestion.

INGREDIENTS 100% Pure & Natural dried peppermint leaves No Artificial additives or flavorings Naturally Caffeine free.

TASTE Dalgety’s peppermint is of a very rich nature, you feel the mental vapor exhaling through your nose as you consume a cup.


Dalgety’s refined Cerassie Herbal Tea also known as ( Corilla, Corailee , Bitter Melon) comes from specially grown cerassie plants of the Caribbean. Traditional folk lore suggest Cerassie Tea to be a good cleanser of the blood, giving a healthier, fitter, trimmer and stronger body.

100% Pure & Natural Dried Cerassie Leaves . No artificially additives or flavorings Naturally Caffeine Free 100% Natural Product


New consumers afraid of the bitter taste need not worry; you can always dilute tea down to your preference by adding more water, or by adding honey. Ironically when drunken ice cold cerassie tea, would normally taste like a Rare red wine or a Guinness without the fizz! 

Ginger & Sorrel

Dalgety’s Ginger& Sorrel (hibiscus) blend entices you with its delicious quenching sorrel fruity flavor, spiced with natural dried Ginger of the tropics. Sorrel this naturally high vitamin ‘C’ flower is the most favorite of drinks for peoples of the Caribbean on a Christmas morning. Dalgety has decided to spread the joy to everyone, and bring Christmas every morning. 

Pure & Natural dried Sorrel (hibiscus) flowers. Pure & Natural dried Ginger root. Pure and natural dried lemongrass, orange peel No artificial additives or Flavorings Naturally Caffeine free 100% Natural Product

Natural fruity flavor spiced smoothly with ginger. When chilled and drunk cold, is considered the most delicious of all tropical drinks 

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