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Dark & Lovely Fade Resistant Rich Conditioning Colour

Dark & Lovely Hair Colour
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Dark and Lovely

Dark and Lovely Fade-Resistant Rich Conditioning Colour
is an innovative formula that delivers vibrant, fade-resistant colour and shine.

This formula contains Dark and Lovely's exclusive Moisture Seal technology for double the conditioning power — especially designed to help protect relaxed and natural hair while colouring.

The result is silky, shiny hair and luxurious, rich colour.



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Regal as a queen, elegant in black
Jet Black is a deep-black shade which shimmers like polished onyx, leaving your hair shiny and lustrous. Your color will be sleek and stylish in black magnificence.

Be fashionable in black!
Natural Black is a soft-black shade that richly coats your hair in warm ebony tones. Your color will be classic and elegant with black sophistication.

Mink warms the body, but sable warms the hair
Brown Sable richly coats your tresses in dark brown color. Your hair will be soft to the touch and tantalizing to the eye.

Rev up your hair in richness
Rich Auburn is a soft red hue with medium-brown tones for subtle, versatile color. Your hair will be soft to touch and your colour will be captivating.

Step to the beat of your own drum
Red Hot Rhythm is a light coppery-red shade that sets your hair ablaze. Your hair will be silky smooth and your color will be red hot!

Illuminate the room with kissable color
Sunkissed Brown is a soft brown hue with hints of golden lights. Your hair will be luxurious and your colour will glow.

Sweeten the mood with honey, warmed over in blonde
Honey Blonde is a warm golden shade with flecks of amber. Your hair will be soft and your color will be invitingly alluring.

Be a winner in Golden Bronze
Golden Bronze is a burnished bronze shade with gold undertones for an opulent gold finish. Your hair will be satiny soft and your colour will be glossy and rich.

Emphasize your blonde goddess
Chestnut Blonde is a dark blonde shade infused with brown tones for an illuminating color effect. Your hair will be soft and shiny, your color warm and rich.

Cast a bewitching spell at the midnight hour
Midnight Blue is a deep-black shade with rich blue tones, to cast a glow upon your lustrous halo. Your colour will be enchanting and timeless.

Be bold in gold
Light Golden Blonde is a bright blonde lightener with golden tones recommended for natural hair. Your hair will be luxuriously soft and your colour will be sparkling with radiance.

Bubblin' Brown Sugar, your hair's happy treat
Brown Sugar lavishly coats your hair in lush chocolate tones. Your colour is rich and sweet, your hair is luxuriously soft.

Be the toast of the town in reddish brown
Brown Cinnamon treats your hair to medium brown tones with hints of red. Your hair will be satiny soft and your colour will be deliciously tempting.

Be the spice of life
Vivacious Red is a vibrant-red shade that energizes your hair in rich-red colour. Your hair will be luscious and your color will be arresting.

Brighten the world with brilliant color
Luminous Blonde is a brilliant blonde hair lightener recommended for natural hair. Your hair will be lustrous and silky, illuminated by blonde incandescence.

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Average Customer Rating: 3.8 based on 5 reviews. Write a review.

Positive Customer Review
Red Hot
Looking forward to changing hair colour again - will let you know how I get in when I receive the order.
Loved the last shade - Golden Bronze - which turned my hair a lovely light shade of blondey - ginger
Negative Customer Review
More ginger than I'd wanted
On the plus side it did dye my hair.
There was enough in the bottle, etc etc, and they do say the colour results can vary but on my hair it did go that colour and it wasn't too bad but in the light it just looked really ginger and I just hated it so had to dye it another colour.
But that's my personal taste so on other hair types hair colours etc could look completely different.
I have chemically relaxed hair naturally lightish brown.
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