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Red Hot
Looking forward to changing hair colour again - will let you know how I get in when I receive the order.
Loved the last shade - Golden Bronze - which turned my hair a lovely light shade of blondey - ginger
More ginger than I'd wanted
On the plus side it did dye my hair.
There was enough in the bottle, etc etc, and they do say the colour results can vary but on my hair it did go that colour and it wasn't too bad but in the light it just looked really ginger and I just hated it so had to dye it another colour.
But that's my personal taste so on other hair types hair colours etc could look completely different.
I have chemically relaxed hair naturally lightish brown.
Great colour easy to use
I ordered Cheshnut Blonde.

I have thick naturally curly hair falling just to my shoulders. Hair type: mixed raced of afro caribbean and white parents. So I ordered two packets to get complete coverage of hair.

It turned my hair from jet black to a red copper bronze colour, nothing like the product model's colour. So next time I think I will get an even lighter colour.

I left colour on for an hour as previous hair colour experience have left me disappointed as colour did not take to my hair.

Even though I didn't get the colour I expected I am still very happy with the result but would chose lighter colour next time from this range.

It didn't dry my hair out at all either, very easy to apply with little mess to towels and clothes.

Dye does not come out on pillow case when sleeping either. I rate this 4/5!
Great Product
My hair is mid back length so ordered 2 bottles.
The colour was not as described but this does depend on your natural hair colour.
I have black hair and ended up with a light brown colour which I was more than happy with.
Colour not as expected
Not enough product to saturate entire shoulder length head of hair. Not much difference in colour and did not cover grey.
Conditioner pretty good though.
Found: 5
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