Fantasia Heat Protector Straightening Serum 178 ml Reviews
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Cannot recommend this enough.
Great for both afro and european hair
I discovered this product before i had my mixed race daughter (i'm european)

I used it as a frizz control and for straightening.

I use it now on my daughter as a detangler and I have not found anything that matches it for performance or price.
I bought this product and it works a treat, I am afro/american and my hair is slightly curly, my husband is fare skined, his hair is blond, slightly wavy & fine.
The product is so good that he uses it on his hair as well, so it's great for the whole family!
Great buy.
wilson (Guest)
Best for hot straightening
The best product by far for hot straightening, leaves hair silky smooth and not sticky no breakage excellent quality product for relaxed hair.
Found: 4
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